Friday, March 29, 2019

It is sad what husbands and side chicks are doing this days: ikechukwu Okonkwo

Yesterday the internet went agog over a man's rage about the paternity of his son
 A source close to the family has revealed the major reason for his shameful outburst

Ikechukwu Okonkwo Wrote:


A friend of mine once said
that "a man who has disciplined himself about women has technically solved half of his problems"

Yesterday I came across a story of a man
By the name, Bob-Manuel Don Christian, who accused his wife of infidelity and denying the Paternity of his son.
On a closer look I found out it was a family I know. I had to put a call through to their family member to confirm if the man's facebook account was hacked. To my greatest disappointment the man was the one that wrote that himself.

Don Christian used to be a young man whom the  issues of life was dealing with even after he got married to his wife whom he is falsely accusing today.
Don Christian was so wretched until the blessings of God located him through the intercession of a man of God and the Church where he and his wife worships, the yoke of a male child was also broken after many years of asking God for one, which made him and his family a miracle to be desired by those who know of their past.
I was surprised that a man whom God had blessed doubtlessly could take to the social media where billions of people are to disgrace himself with all reckless abandon and deny the Paternity of a son who even without a DNA test a blind man can testify he fathered that Child.
It is a shame that a man of Don Christian's status and exposure can accuse his of wife over 12years now of infidelity and of givin birth to a son that is not his' without providing a DNA result to back such accusation.

This led me to question his sanity, so
I gathered that the shame Don Christian had brought upon himself is influenced by a desperate woman whom he had fallen into her snare.
Don Christian had blasphemed the same God he had prayed to, for over 12years of his marriage just because of a desperate woman, by name AKONTE ORIYO  who had taken him to a witchdoctor in the guise of a Pastor, where he is being influenced by voodoo.

Today, the same desperate woman whose stock in trade is to snatch husbands from their legitimate wives is the one he is brandishing every where including his social media pages, she is the one he is now living with and sleeping with in every nearby hotel, yet he claims not to have gone berserk.

If Don Christian's claims are genuine, is he supposed to be found having immoral relationship with a strange woman before coming out to make these unsubstantial claims? Is it not supposed to be a case between families and worse case scenario he would seek for divorce?

Don Christian had accused his most elder Brother, Bishop Bob of being  occultic, because  he stood against this madness of abandoning his family.
Don Christians family is not with him on this as he cannot provide any evidence against his wife over his allegations.

Its a shame that Don's DNA test which denied the paternity of  his son is under the Pants of Akonte Oriyo. A Delilah who is set to destroy him.

I pray that God delivers Don Christian for the sake of these Innocent children he wants to put into the trauma of a broken home and never let the innocent wife not breakdown irreparably.

Its sad what husbands and side Chicks are doing these days!

Ikechukwu Okonkwo.

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